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Elettronica at IDEX 2017

20-Feb-2017 Elettronica Spa

Elettronica can boast over six decades of EW specialization in the defence sector, and it is enlarging its product portfolio to cope with new threats and more stringent customer requirements. In addition to its RF EW core business, the company has developed new IR countermeasures and communication intelligence solutions, and is approaching the new frontier technologies in the cyber warfare domain now consolidated with the new company CY4Gate and the field of public security with Elettronica GmbH.

Elettronica always endeavours to improve the defensive capability of its EW systems. The most advanced ConOps are being continuously validated through the participation in international experimental trials, specifically dedicated to test the system performance in both RF and EO domains. During the last edition of NATO EMBOW trials in Germany, the company demonstrated the effectiveness of its concept of advanced countermeasure techniques for countering next generation of IR threats. For the first time, at NATO level, Elettronica proved the advantage of combining the use of conventional flares and its DIRCM system, the ELT/572, to maximize the break lock of imaging seekers while the single systems alone are ineffective. Elettronica was able to coordinate such countermeasure systems by means of a specialized EO/EW manager directly implemented in the ELT/572 (Patent Pending).


To illustrate the Company’s activities and capabilities, Elettronica’s stand will display a range of mock-ups that show the advantages of implementing the most advanced technologies developed by Elettronica and applied in its products.


VIRGILIUS is a complete break-through in the traditional architecture of ESM/ECM systems taking all the possible advantages deriving from the use of state-of-the-art technology, with emphasis on the digital signal processing technique and market-component availability to deliver a superior Hi Tec product. It is conceived to perform emitter detection, classification, identification and to counter a large threat variety including: radar controlled Anti-Aircraft-Artillery (AAA), Surface-to-Air missiles (SAM), Air-to-Air missiles (AAM), Early Warning, Search and modern Multifunctional Radars. A modular design approach makes it possible to tailor the proposed solution to the specific needs of the Customer/Final User.


ELT/572 DIRCM (Directional Infrared Countermeasures): MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defence Systems) missiles remain one of the major threats to airborne platforms, easily encountered in the asymmetric conflicts and in terrorist actions. The most reliable and effective approach to countering

this type of evolving threat is represented by the use of Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM). The fibre laser technology, applied in the ELT/572, enhances DIRCM effectiveness by improving performances, effectiveness, reliability and efficiency, while it overcomes the traditional setbacks of previous DIRCM suites by reducing the installation constraints and the even more critical and complex setting-up, alignment and maintenance operations. It also allows the use of a small, highly dynamic turret that can very quickly slew and, driven by sophisticated algorithms, accurately concentrate the laser beam on the seekers of the incoming missile threats, ensuring an all-around effective protection of the platforms even against multiple simultaneous threats.






EDGE is the new escort jammer developed by Elettronica. In an autonomous pod configuration, it’s designed to increase the survivability and success of the entire attacking force and offers both unique performance and installation capabilities.‎

Edge’s various functions are designed to suppress enemy air defences to boost survivability for the entire strike force by creating a safe corridor for multiple attacking aircraft. Its ELINT features enhance both situational awareness and intelligence collection.

The unit is fully autonomous and no additional power source is necessary for aircraft using internal RAT and cooling system capability. The system is easily installed and integrated and does not effect overall aircraft integrity.

The ELINT Edge capabilities include high sensitivity for very long-range detection, extended frequency bandwidth and accurate directional of arrival measurement for an improved SA.

The ECM Edge capabilities include high-transmitted power (ERP), extended frequency bandwidth over any radar threats, full Azimuth and Elevation Spatial Coverage and multi-threat jamming. The system includes networking capability to increase the values of Escort Jamming capability as well as a proprietary High Value algorithm.

The Edge escort jammer is designed for exportability, has no technology export limitations and is ITAR free. Its high level of modularity with a scalable architecture to support customer requirements and needs makes it an ideal subject for industrial cooperation, collaboration and technology transfer.


The ELT/800 is an innovation in ELINT equipment design for fixed and rotary wing applications and provides a superior product based on a Wide-Open and Superhet Digital Receiver architecture through a unique system approach and modern technologies. The system allows Tactical Surveillance (ESM function) and highly accurate data processing for intelligence analysis purposes (ELINT function). The ELT/800 is a compact and light weight solution providing a considerable installation flexibility. Fully compatible, it can be deployed on any legacy and future generation of airborne platforms.

MUROS In the field of vehicle integration, Elettronica GmbH product family MUROS (MUlti Role Operations Support Vehicle) enables and supports the following operations by integrating electro-optical, infrared, radar or PCL sensors: MUROS-S: Surveillance (Video documentation, Urban Area Surveillance including the usage of drones, Border protection including the usage of drones); MUROS-C: Communication (Monitoring, analysing and interfering audio/data communication in the GSM/UMTS band as well as in the open environment); MUROS-MC: Mission Control (Mission planning, Command & Control, Big Data Analysis e.g. Open Source Intelligence). MUROS systems can be operated 24/7 and are equipped with EU state-of-the-art technologies in terms of sensors, actuators, IT and communications. MUROS can be used as stand-alone locally operated system or as remotely controlled system connected to a centralized command and control function. In addition, it can be integrated wireless into a network of surveillance nodes. 


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